Welcome! Sorry to bug you all again!
My name is Laura and people often say things like

“You should have a website dedicated to your daily happenings”
Hahaha! You couldn’t make it up!”

In response to this, I made myself a blogspot blog. Then I realised I don’t like blogspot very much and that wordpress is much better! Hoorah! So for those select few that actually read the old blog, this is a brand spanking new site for me to irritate you with! If you’d still like to access the old one you can do so by clicking here! I also solemnly swear to write on this more often. So as not to irritate those who have no interest in my life with continual links on Facebook you can follow me on here so as to irritate them less. Yay!

Also, for those on twitter, tweet at me! @lauram_x

Love love xxxxxx


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