Just for fun

Following our addiction to Draw Something, my boyfriend Myles and I have invented a game. It’s a lot like charades or Pictionary. It basically involves us drawing a public figure on Paint and the other trying to guess who they are.

I’ve added five of our best creations to this blog for you, the reader, to guess! Note that some of these are a joint effort, the really good ones are by Myles and the slightly shit ones are by me 😀 haha. Add a comment below saying who you think they are and I’ll reveal the answers in the next blog (probably in a week or so). If you get then all right you win eternal glory and bragging rights for 1 week!



b) Image

c) Image

d) Image

e) Image

(Note: I will accept ONLY the characters name, not the actors pseudonym!)


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18/06/2012 · 2:58 pm

One response to “Just for fun

  1. I have no idea who a and c are, but b is Lady Gaga, d is the Queen and E is Mr T 😀

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