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On being a Londoner in London.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month or so I’m sure everyone has noticed that there’s a lot of running skipping jumping and throwing going on in my city at the moment! For those who don’t know, I live in the outskirts of South London in a charming town called Croydon famed for the creation of dubstep music and riots. You can thank us later. So without further ado I give you:


1) London was an absolute ghost town!
“Hi Folks this is the Mayor of London and this is The Big One!”
For weeks leading up to the Olympics our daily lives were interrupted by slightly creepy anouncements whenever we stepped on public transport or out of the house in general warning us that London was going to be exceptionally busy and that we should avoid unnecessary travel around the games venues. We obliged.

This led to one of the worst Augusts for retail in a very very long time. I ventured in to the West End of London, arguably the most famous theatre district in the world and I have never seen the streets of London so deserted. It was weird.

2) Boris Johnson was not a complete embarressment!
To the contrary, he seems to have done quite well. Aside from that whole thing with the zip wire.
The Mayor of London is famously moronic. I fully expected some minor diplomatic incident involving him making some sort of racial slur. Either he’s bucked his ideas up or his advisors have him on a very short leash.

3) People actually gave a damn!
The British are not known for their enthusiasm. If anything, we’re known for being uptight and sarcastic and for drinking a lot of tea. But weirdly, we all weighed in and enjoyed it! Yay us!

4) Nobody how noticed how shit it is here!
It may suprise you to hear that London is not a very nice place if you step in to the wrong areas at the wrong times. Stratford was one of those places, now supposedly transformed… thankfully nobody noticed.

 In essence, this blog post is a celebration of what I really do think has been a very successful Olympics. London really outdid itself and although the opening ceremony was weird to say the least I think we generally did very well! Go Team LDN!

GOOD DEED FOR THE DAY: I nearly broke my foot recently and a lady held the train doors for me as I ran/limped sodden through the rain. It made my week.


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