A celebration of the feminists of Twitter

Following a gigantic life shattering piece of news I’ve been feeling pretty vulnerable lately. Thankfully I’m surrounded by an amazing network of friends to keep me sane but all the same I’ve been pretty pissed off in general. Rather than take it out on myself or the people around me, I decided it would be far more worthwhile to take my rage out on some serious injustices in the world – things that wouldn’t normally have pissed me off anywhere near as much were now pissing me off a monumental amount. These things ranged from mundane things such as people eating smelly food on public transport or chewing gum so loudly I can hear them across the room to massive societal injustices the patriarchy and all associated inequities.

That’s when I realised that not everybody was annoyed?! Even other women seemed oblivious and/or apathetic, even when the sexism was so blatant it made me wretch. This sent me in to convulsions of rage that in hindsight I should probably have tried to avoid; if people don’t want to call themselves feminist that’s their call regardless of how ridiculous I think it is. I decided I must be going mad. I must be being over sensitive. Even those very close to me thought I was changing in a bad way. In my desperation I did what I always do: stress bake and blog about it.

The reaction to my first feminism blog was absolutely astonishing to me. Here was little old me ranting on the internet and amazingly there were men and women who agreed with me! Openly describing themselves as feminists, fembloggers, femlovers! I was not alone! As the days and weeks went on I came in to contact with a great many amazing people. Young, forward thinking, progressive femlovers like the #TwitterYouthFeministArmy, the people behind the @EverydaySexism project, the @TheWomensRoomUK team, @YouAreFeminist and many many more! I realised I was not mad or seeing things that were not there. Something very exciting is happening and it’s happening through tweets, blogs and scathing jokes at the expense of the patriarchy. There’s a new wave of feminists coming and I am proud and excited to be a part of it. The third wave of feminism is coming my friends! I for one am well and truly up for the fight

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2 responses to “A celebration of the feminists of Twitter

  1. bankholidaytuesday

    There is that beautiful moment when your previously ‘I’m not a feminist but…’ saying friends discover that they are in fact pissed off by sexism and become beautiful new born feminists angry at everything. I live for that.

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