This is not okay.


Okay Internet, I’ve had enough. I’ve tried to be polite, I’ve signed my fair share of petitions and I’ve written a great deal of letters of complaint but tonight has really taken the biscuit. Over the course of the last few hours I have been made aware of two very similar horrors: both involve online shopping, both involve slogan T-shirts and both involve disgusting levels of horrible being on display.

The first was this:

keep calm and rape t shirts

These T-shirts (and many others like them) were produced and approved for sale by a company called Solid Gold Bomb. They were for sale on Amazon UK and, rightly so, my Twitter feed exploded with rage. Amazon UK apologised and promised to remove the items within 24 hours (although we’re still waiting) and Solid Gold Bomb… well, they claimed they were computer generated, it wasn’t their fault, please go away and stop shouting at us. They then deleted their Facebook account and haven’t been heard from since. The fact that even if they were computer generated they should still have been checked before being put in to the public sphere and on sale to the millions of Amazon shoppers seems inconsequential to them. “It wasn’t me it, it was the computer” was the very clear response from the Solid Gold Bomb camp and I felt smug in our victory.

Having successfully slain Solid Gold Bomb, I put the kettle on and settled down to watch Armageddon with my boyfriend. I checked my Twitter again about an hour later and was made aware of this:

tonight im gonna get my rape on tshirt

This has made me feel sick to my very core. Produced by a company called Foul Mouth Shirts, they claim to specialise in offensive clothing. When you click to make a complaint, a loud voice booms “LEAVE AND TAKE YOUR BIG FAT PUSSY WITH YOU.” Their FAQ page makes it very clear that they do not care if they offend, they consider you to be a politically correct hypocrit that should “fuck off”.

Just to make clear, the text next to the image says
“The weatherman says the night is going to be extremely nice outside. It’s going to be a new moon so it’ll be very, very dark. You know what that means, don’t you? Rape weather.”

Am I missing something here? Since when did bragging about wanting to have non consensual sex with somebody ON A T SHIRT become okay? Since when did claiming that you are going to rape somebody in the dark become okay?! Am I really such a humourless bitch that I’ve just missed some massive joke?! I’m sure that’s what they’ll claim.

I do not object to this because it is not politically correct: I object to this because it is trivialising rape. This is not funny Foul Mouth Shirts! There are not enough expletives in the world. I shouldn’t have to explain why this is not okay – I’m sure the vast majority of people know that this is not okay. Claiming you’re going to rape somebody tonight is not “banter” and it certainly is not a joke. This is why so many rapes go unreported. This is why so few rapists are convicted. Rape has been trivialised and normalised by our society to the point where people feel ashamed to admit they’ve been raped in case they’re accused of lying or stigmatised because of it. Rape has been trivialised to the point where T-shirts like this are produced. I take comfort in the fact that I doubt very many people would actually wear this shit – it is a very tiny minority of people who think that condoning, trivialising and even actively encouraging rape is okay. It’s not okay. It is disgusting.



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  1. We had some advice from the police and sites like Foul Mouth Shirts can be reported to

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