A Beginners Guide to Feminism

I’ve identified myself as a feminist for a relatively short period of time. In that time, I’ve become very involved with the feminist community on Twitter and learnt a great deal. This section of Well Behaved Women will be focussing on what I’ve learnt – the key debates, thinkers and terms that new feminists may come up against. It’s an ongoing project and I’d love for people to contribute anything they’d like towards articles. I intend to look at some of the broader arguments such as whether men can be feminists, whether feminists can wear make up etc. as well as some of the more complicated – intersectionality, micro aggression, privilege. I hope to inform and prompt intelligent debate.

I would like these arguments to be balanced and showcase all sides of every argument but I can’t guarantee to remain impartial. All contributors will be fully credited and pieces will be collaborations of the views of all the different contributors, as well as some broader content from the internet as a whole.

The next piece will be on the meaning and significance of intersectionality within modern feminism. If you’d like to contribute (anything from a 140 character tweet to an essay) please contact me on Twitter – my handle is @nitramarual. If you’d like to send longer content just ask for my email address! And of course, if you have any questions about the project or any of the content posted please feel free to ask.

Importantly with regards to this particular piece, I am acutely aware that as a white, cis, heterosexual woman I am ill-equipped unqualified to comment upon the intersecting oppressions that some people face – racism, transphobia, homophobia, whorephobia etc – and as such do not intend to comment upon these things myself. If you would like to contribute work surrounding oppressions that I do not feel qualified to talk about I welcome them readily and wholeheartedly! 

I hope that young people (or even older people that are new to feminism) will find these pieces informative and instructive. I intend to index them on this page for future reference. Let’s educate!


Have an opinion? Let me know about it!

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