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One a Day

Recently I’ve become pretty¬†despondent. This world seems like a hideously unfair place and I worry about my place in it and where my life will lead me. Then I had a revelation.

Consider for a minute how very deeply your thoughts, actions and words can have an effect on others. From offering someone a seat on the train, helping a a person with lots of shopping, helping carry a buggy up the stairs… small actions can have a profound impact. So from this day forward I have resolved to try my very best to do one kind thing (at least) every day. Call me naiive but I think that if people were just more compassionate, less selfish and smiled more this world might start taking a step in the right direction. I’ve called this my One A Day project and I invite you all to join me. Each blog I’ll showcase one example that somebody sends me of a way that they’ve made somebody smile – a stranger, a friend or a family member – and hopefully we can send some smiles around.

Contact me on here (I’ll keep all comments anon) or on twitter: @lauram_x. If you could share this blog on Twitter or whatever social networking medium you fancy I’d appreciate it – lets get this ball rolling!

Om Mani Padme Hum. Peace out guys.


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