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To┬ácommemorate┬áthe start of the Euros in Ukraine. The last poem seemed to go down well so here’s one about the footie. Or soccer if you’re American

The Football.

I don’t care about the football
The latest tournament we’ll inevitably lose.
The hopes of a nation
(or at least some of us)
and inordinate levels of booze.

The way the players behave.
It truly is beggars belief.
These men represent their country
But they act to the contrary.
Their indiscretions between the sheets.

People forget that it’s just a game.
They let it all get a bit much.
Riots and crying
Screaming and whining
Seriously, enough is enough.

Isn’t there other stuff happening?
A financial crisis or political dynamite?
Why on earth does this matter?
Fuck Sepp Blatter.
Lets all just get on with our lives.


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