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Ode to Public Transport

As a commuter and extremely bad driver, I find myself using public transport a lot. Very little in this world inspires quite so much bile as Transport for London. Rather than rant aimlessly and angrily, I thought I’d convey my displeasure through the medium of poetry. Bare in mind I am not a poet or even a particularly creative person so please be kind.

Behold! My poor attempt at poetry.

Ode to Public Transport

It’s a funny relationship between buses and I.
I’m completely reliant but I completely despise
paying £2.30 to stand up in rush hour
Surrounded by kids who must never shower.
The crazy old lady shouting at strangers.
Apparently that’s normal behaviour?
The mothers with children that just wont shut up
Just give them some Wotsits, I’ve had enough.
This isn’t my stop but I’ll walk, it’s not far
Sooner or later, I must buy a car.

And as for the trains, they’re not much better
Delays always get longer as the weather gets wetter
Apparently its due to “leaves on the line
Find a bloody solution, you’ve had enough time!
Hundreds of Metros litter the floor
The twat playing music you just can’t ignore
Fat men in suits with legs spread apart
You feel like crying so you just have to laugh.
Not long now, I’ll be home in a mo
Can’t wait to get off this fucking freak show.



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