Lets Talk About Feminism

When I first started this blog, it was nothing more than a space for me to air my rage about life in general. If you back through the archives on Well Behaved Women, you’ll find posts on my existential life crisis, a rant on misconceptions of vegetarianism and even silly little things about the early arrival of Christmas trees before even halloween had passed.

Then one day I posted a blog about feminism. I had no idea what a brilliant reaction it would get from the feminist community. Thank you guys, a thousand times thank you. I’ve decided to do more of these – feminism is an often misunderstood movement. I wear lipstick, have a gorgeous boyfriend, have a crackin’ bra on. I hope that through my blogs the word feminism will stop having negative connotations of man hating grizzly bears that want to enslave the patriarchy and force them to feed us grapes. Put simply, feminism is the belief that men and women should have an absolutely equal playing field. It is a very loaded subject – the issue of page three, paternity rights for men and female representation in parliament and in board rooms are still very current.

Generally, I think feminism needs a make over. People need educating. I hope that this page will help with that.

Femlove to you


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